Friday, July 25, 2008

We Did It!

**These pictures have nothing to do with what I'm about to say.**

Well, we did it! We had a SUCCESSFUL trip to Walmart. I've never seen Mommy move that cart so fast. She's getting quite good at manuevering that big boat of a cart. Grant was quiet the whole way to the store and Mommy wanted to keep it that way. We found the special cart out in East Buddah again. Mommy said, "Thank you Lord!" So I did the same. I too said, "Thank you Lowd!" Mommy loaded us in quickly and kicked it into high gear. We got a little held up in the front of the many slowpokes around here. But once we got around them Mommy flew! I said, "Whoa!" and smiled really big. Mommy started lingering a bit in the cosmetics aisle and Grant started to whimper. Mommy made a fast decision and grabbed some make-up and took off again. Thankfully, Grant remained calm. We moved at lightening speed the whole way through the store. Mommy even broke a sweat! She was probably the only person actually sweating inside! We found a register without much of a line and Mommy continued to move as fast as she could. Grant started crying then...but nothing major. He cried while we loaded the groceries up but once we got back in the car and started moving...he fell fast asleep. This is a monumental day in the Harman household. Maybe we'll celebrate with some icecream!