Monday, July 07, 2008

Daddy's Rattlesnake...YIKES!

Yes folks, that's a rattlesnake for you! A man Daddy works with caught this rattlesnake in someone's yard! Daddy is babysitting the snake...was babysitting the snake....until he could get it up to the office. I heard the rattlesnake is going to take a long nap soon. For safety reasons, I wasn't allowed near the snake. Thus, I didn't get to get in the picture with it. Mommy didn't seem too eager to go near it either. She said it's dangerous. But had she not held me, I would have walked right up to that snake. He didn't scare me a bit. I call it a "nake." But I have to obey Mommy and Daddy. I'm not sure Daddy realized it was dangerous though because he touched the snake and held it. I'll have to let him know.