Thursday, July 17, 2008

Papa Visits!

Guess who stopped by our house Tuesday night? It was Papa! I was thrilled to see him! He was in Griffin for business and decided to stop by on his way back to Bham. We had a lot of fun. He threw me in the air (this is Hannah speaking..not Grant so don't worry), he played baby dolls with me, and just tickled me and tickled me. Mommy played a mean trick on me and said, "Do you want to go home with Papa?" To which I answered, "Okay." and walked to the door and said, "Cum on," to Papa. He did come and we walked around outside but then we came back in. I didn't understand. I thought we were going to Papa's house. Then he left without me! I cried and cried and said "Papa! Papa!" I don't think Mommy realizes how smart I am and how easily I understand things she says. So Mommy, next time you offer for me to go home with better follow through!