Friday, July 11, 2008

Look...It's Me...Hay-Huh

Lately I've been entertaining myself by looking at my reflection in the oven. I say hi to goes something like this..."hi, hay-huh." I like to give myself kisses and talk to myself. In the one picture where I'm pointing to myself..I'm just letting Mommy know that I know my name. I like to point to myself and say "hay-huh." Mommy has a mirror in her and Daddy's bathroom too. I like to hold conversations with myself and pretend to give myself things. I say, "hereyago," and hold my hands out to the other me on the other side. Sometimes I try to pick myself up and I say, "holdshu," with my hands out as well. I don't quite understand how there are two of me and why we do exactly the same thing..and why I only see the other me in the oven and that mirror in the bathroom. But I guess that's okay. It keeps me entertained.