Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh the Things I Say...Part Two

Mommy laughs at me all the time...especially when I say these things:

Mommy, I go to Bible story. (Mommy I go to Bible study).

No, Mommy, don't talk like dat.

Mommy, you be careful.

I read Jeshus. I be quiet. (I read Jesus. I be quiet)

Mommy, Daddy, what you like drink? (Mommy or Daddy what would you like to drink?)
I started saying this to help Mommy when she's getting supper ready. She tells me to go ask
Daddy what he would like to drink. Now, I ask all the time! Perhaps I'll be a waitress one day
although Mommy says I'm a little aggressive the way I say it and that I'll need to tone it
down if I ever want to get any tips.

I/ Mommy/ Gandma fall downstairs but I/Mommy/Gandma okay.
That's right, we've all fallen down the stairs...Mommy today while holding Gant...but she
okay and so is Gant. I talk about falling down all the time and I remind Mommy and anyone
else going up or down the stairs to "be careful."

Hannah: I go see Ashey.
Mommy replies: Not today.
Hannah: yah, hafta wait.

That's all I can think of now. But I sure get Mommy and Daddy laughing these days with the things I say. She tells me I have to document them so she won't forget one day.


Groovers said...

awe so funny!