Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Fun in this Exersaucer Thing...

serious silliness

Our staring doubt I won.

Mommy has been putting me in this exersaucer thing a lot these days. I mean, it's great and all Mommy, but there are other things I'm interested in as well such as being held, snuggled, or tickled (I've gotten a pretty good laugh these days and I especially like to try it out when I'm tickled). But it does seem to entertain Hannah. When she's not spinning me around in aimless circles or trying to push me in it, she seems to enjoy a few of the gadgets herself. I, myself, was in the mood for a staring contest as you can see from one such photo. But, no matter how hard I concentrated, Hannah would not join in. She seem more attracted by the ball things. I then decided to have a little fun with Mommy and stick my tongue out for some serious silliness. All in all, I do enjoy my exersaucer. I guess I'll have to as it is becoming a vital part in my everyday play whether I like it or not.