Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Still Smilin'

These days I find life to be pleasureable. I enjoy nice warm baths where I can splash around. I enjoy the tune and sight of my mobile as I prepare to snooze. I enjoy a nice warm bottle upon awaking from my naps. I enjoy my rattles and my new ability to put them in my mouth. Oh and I enjoy my feet...who knew they would be so tasty? All in all, I have a lot to smile about. So, smile I do. It's rare not to catch me smiling. And might I add that I am very proud of my strong neck...a must have for every strapping boy. You see, Hannah would have never been able to do this at my age. But I can because I'm a boy. . .a boy who sleeps on his tummy...I suppose that could have a lot to do with it too.


LB said...

I love that smile. He is so cute--and getting so big!! It seems like he was just born!

I think with the next baby I may go to sleeping on the stomach a lot more quickly than I did with Ada:) Whatever will allow all of us to get as much sleep as possible.