Monday, October 20, 2008

Hangin' with Grandmama

Two weekends ago, Grandmama came to stay with us! I was dragged along with her, Hannah, and Mommy to do a little shopping (Daddy, I can't wait to spend time with you doing manly things when I get older). Then she treated Mommy and Daddy to a movie so she got to hang out with us for the evening. We had a blast. Well, really, all I did was drink a bottle and then I was ready to hit the hay. Once 7:30 rolls around I am ready to sleep! But the next day she played with me while Mommy and Daddy had a garage sale. Hannah helped out. In fact, she wanted to take back some of her toys she saw sitting out for sale. That's gotta stink. But, none of my stuff was out there thank goodness. So I didn't need to keep a close watch on anything. So Grandmama and I just hung out in the garage.