Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's This?

Last Monday, the day I turned 5 months, Mommy put this funny stuff into my mouth. She calls it rice cereal. Hmmm, I thought. This is interesting. It tastes like formula but with a little umph to it. I wasn't so sure about it at first. However, I quickly grew to like it. Here is a before, during, and after picture of my first experience with this stuff. Hannah was there also to wipe the mess off my face. She didn't like for me to be messy. So I had Mommy feeding me, Hannah wiping me, and Daddy taking my pictures. I had quite the enterauge (we don't know how to spell that). Wow, rice cereal must be a really big deal.


Tanya Robertson said...

My how time flies! I can't believe lil' Grant is already 5 months old! Hope you're all doing better. We're praying for John to get better soon!