Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Artist

Grandmama and Grandaddy got me this easel for my birthday. Just a few weeks ago I had no idea what an easel was. But I'm sure glad I know now because it's a lot of fun. Mommy and I have been working on paintings now. These pics are from my first experience. I really feel as though I can express myself through painting. What this painting is saying here is that I'm an out of the box kind of girl. I enjoy new opportunities and new people. I am vibrant. And I enjoy bike riding. Did you see all of that in my artwork? If not, don't worry, it takes a little bit of time to truly understand art and what it means. I will have to say though that I don't really enjoy getting paint on my hands. In one picture I was trying to get Mommy to get the paint off of my hands by repeating "durty." Now I realize a true artist doesn't clean up until AFTER she's done with her work. And even still, it's not uncommon to find paint somewhere on you hours after your masterpiece is done. Even Mommy found green paint on her leg when it was time to go to bed. Thanks Grandmama and Grandaddy for this great gift!