Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing with Grandma and Mrs. Lanell

Well, while Hanny played with Papa...I was busy playing with Grandma and Mrs. Lanell. Do you remember Mrs. Lanell? She's the one who got me my awesome soccer ball rattle! She works with Aunt Ashley. She's a fun lady! I had a blast taking in the cool air and chewing on my rattle also while hanging out at the game. Did I tell you that lately all I want to do is chew? Some say I'm teething. Who knows. Mommy said she was convinced Hannah was getting a tooth months before she actually popped one out. Mommy feels my gums to see if anything is cooking under there. Nothing. But I do enjoy feeling the texture of the rattle pressed firmly against my gums. I loved it so much that I couldn't really take in the soccer game. Sorry Aunt Ashley! But I'm sure when I'm a bit bigger I'll be ready to go out a kick a few balls myself!