Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Pal Judson

A couple of weeks ago my pal Judson came over to play for a little bit. It was perfect, you see, because several times that week I had been telling Mommy that my other seat to my new table was for him. Mommy proceeded to ask me if I had a crush on Judson, to which I replied, "Oh, yeah." I was thrilled that he came to play with me. I made sure he knew that the other chair was for him. So with juice cups in hand and some chips to snack on...well...pretend to snack on...there we sat. It was perfect!


LB said...

that's hilarious and so cute. Hannah and Judson, precious.

Tanya said...

So does this count as her first date? Nice to see that she had a chaperone! :)