Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Trip To Statesboro

This past weekend Mommy, Gant, and I went with Grandma and Papa to see Aunt Ashey. She lives all the way down in Statesboro and is the women's soccer coach at Georgia Southern. Mommy told me last week we were going to Aunt's Ashey's house and that we would watch some soccer games. I really wish I understood time better because every day I would wake up and ask if we were going to Aunt Ashey's house. Mommy would say not right now, to which I would reply, "Yah, have to wait minute." Apparently a minute is a LONG time. Finally, a long minute passed and we were on our way to see Aunt Ashey and watch some soccer. This is me and Papa at the first game on Friday. I had a blast! We'll post some more pictures later of our trip. We had a blast! Notice Papa's hat? Every time I looked at Papa I would say, "Papa got a hat." When we went to the second game on Sunday Papa didn't wear a hat. So I said, "Papa got hat?" I guess he just didn't need it that day. Oh well.