Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Bond Strengthens...

Of course you didn't think we wouldn't post pics of me and my pal Maggie. Boy, was I glad to see her. She is such a dear friend. We had a ton of fun last weekend together. I petted her. I brought her her toys. I layed with her. I threw the ball with her. I even gave her a "cheet" (treat). I miss Maggie already. In fact, as we pulled up to the soccer field Sunday afternoon, I asked, "Maggie comin?" For some reason Mommy got a big kick out of that. Mommy said she pictured Maggie pulling up to the game driving a car. How am I supposed to know if Maggie can drive or not? She seems like a good candidate. She's responsible. She has two arms and two legs. She can see real least I assume she can. She always gets the balls when I throw them. And she's older than me. So wouldn't you think with all of those characteristics she could drive too? But apparently I was wrong cuz she never showed up to the game. We missed you Maggie.